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Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to the customers and
the local community through our business.

Human Resources Philosophy

We nurture our employees as an asset and reserve our human resources who provide the added value.

The personal growth of our employees is foremost in our minds. Thus, we will continue to enable those employees who wish to excel at work, and to accomplish their own dreams. 

For the purpose of servicing the customers, as well as for the potential contributions to society at large, we will reserve a large number of employees who are deployable as human resources.


CEO Nabeshima Hiroyuki

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Ohashi Transport was established in March, 1954. We have been supported by the customers and the community for more than 60 years.

The fact that the added value is created by the employees has not changed even if the load has changed with the times. And, we improve the working environment in order to reserve our human resources who can provide added value as an asset.

In addition, many local problems are increasing due to the depopulation and the super aged society in Japan. And, there are a lot of environmental issues such as global warming. We aim to be the company which could contribute the customers and the local community to solve the local issues and to protect the environment.

99.7% of companies in Japan are small or medium-sized companies, as we are. We believe that these companies give a good impact to society to take in "CSV".

Our Activities

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Ohashi visions are based on social goodness to many people. Company motivates diversity management; women, foreigner, disability, and LGBTQ and these people. Working together and making power offer strong competitive advantage for company.

  • Local management /
    Creating Shared Value(CSV)

    Towards the company which can be trusted by local company and people, we wrestle various of society activities with local people and contribute to solve local community problem through our business.

  • Health and Productivity

    Not only raising each person's vitality and productivity, but also activating communication by working on mental and physical health maintenance.

  • SDGs
    (Sustainable Development Goals)

    I think that it leads to the sustainable growth of the company to realize sustainable society, and work on a contribution to society activity and reduction, environmental conservation of the environmental load.

Company Profile

Company name

Ohashi Transportation Co., Ltd


Hiroyuki Nabeshima


2-260 Nishimatsuyama-cho, Seto City,

Date founded

March 17, 1954


Thirty million yen

The number of employees


Business facilities


Building area

8,463 ㎡

Business contents

General Motor Truck Transportation Business
Motor Truck Transportation Business
Oils and Fats stocking sale
Collection and Transportation of municipal solid waste
The industrial waste collection transportation work
Moving service
Distribution information service
General Worker Dispatching Undertakings
Real estate lease business


Aichi Bank
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
The Juroku Bank
Shoko Chukin Bank
Seto Shinkin Bank

Member group

Association of Aichi truck
Seto truck business cooperative association
Seto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Association of Dispositions Mement
Seto-shi company ambassador authorized company
Seto-shi environment partnership company meeting

Possession vehicle

26 large cars
33 medium-sized cars
5 compact cars
5 forklifts


Head office

Toyota Office

Toyota Garage

Toyota Sasabara Office

Komaki Office



Permission for General Motor Truck Transportation Business
Ohashi transportation establishes (capital 1.5 million yen)


Increasing to capital 3 million yen
Permission for the general motor truck transportation business


Permission for General Section Cargo Automobile Transport Business License


Hiroyuki Nabeshima takes office as a president


General Worker Dispatching Undertakings adds for business


Move headquarter (new address, 2-260, Nishimatsuyamacho, Seto-shi)


Rental container business starts


We receive the approval of the management innovation plan based on "the Act for the Promotion of New Business Activities by Small and Medium-Size Enterprises." (18 law commercial distribution No. 136) Starts ES(Employee Satisfaction) activity


Starts recycling business


Starts junior high student "workplace on-site training" acceptance


The Toyota Office authorization


The Komaki Office authorization


Starts recycling product export trade


Begin "a road safety bridge [chopsticks] handing over activity" with Seto police station


Starts cleaning river activity in Seto


Start the promotion activity of the 8020 campaign


Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry sponsorship "eco official approval Award 2012" Eco unit section "grand prix" receiving a prize


The Sasabara, Toyota Office authorization


Permission for the general waste disposal standards prescribed in the Waste Disposal Act.(limited moving, ihin seiri)


Adoption CSR reports ISO26000 as a standard of the CSR activity and issues it


Cooperate with a local kindergarten, nursery school, schoolchild nursery school and start an event on "the day of the smile"


Chosen by 100 selections of new diversity management companies


The Aichi service Prize received


Regional Future Leading Company, chosen by the Ministry of Economy


New diversity management company 100 selections prime, chosen by the Ministry of Economy

Our characters

Our characters “Lucky” and “Happy” are modeled after the toucans, whose name is “Ohashi” in Japanese.

Toucans live in South Africa, and fruits are their staple food. Their big and beautiful beaks are very unique and they are very popular and loved by a lot of people in zoo.
In addition, another feature is the way of parental care. The male and the female take it in together.

Like “Ohashi” birds, we take in works with curiosity and cooperate with coworkers, and seek to be loved by customer and the local community.



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