トラックOhashi transport co., Ltd. 

 The date of foundation : March 17, 1954
 Number of employees : 105(as of Sep. 30, 2015)
 Number of vehicles  : 80
 Head office: 2-260 Nishimatsuyama-cho, Seto, Aichi
 Toyota office: 24-1 Ropponmatsu, tsutsumi-cho, Toyota, Aichi
 Toyota Sasabara office: 12-1 Shibazaki, Sasabara-cho, Toyota, Aichi
 Komaki office: 2-207 Denne, Oguchi-cho, Niwa-gun, Aichi

Our corporate philosophy

     We aim to be a value-adding company of high quality that is trusted by customers.

Business objectives

     We challenge ourselves to improve continuously.
     We provide the service required of us.
     We make valuable use of time.
HR philosophy
     We nurture our employees and preserve our human resources as an asset.
Fundamental objectives
     The personal growth of our employees is foremost in our minds. Thus, we will continue
     to enable those employees who wish to excel at work, and to accomplish their own dreams.
     For the purpose of servicing the customers, as well as for the potential contributions to society
     at large, we will reserve a large number of employees who are deployable as human resources.

To be a company which can contribute to the local soiety, we carry out various activities and programs.

Below are some of the activities we do for the people of the local community and also for the global environment.


エコバッグ.jpgWe produce original eco-friendly bags, which we donate to a working institution for handicapped people so that they could find an opportunity to work. After processing the bags, they could sell them for fund raising.

We hope we can contribute to the welfare for the disabled in the community and also to the protection of the environment by producing these bags.
We have work-study programs for local junior high school students. 
In these programs, they experience the work of transportation, and learn about our CSR activities.
We hope they will start to acquire their own career values and work attitudes through these activities.

  minamiyama2.jpg   職場体験2.jpg

We participate in the program called “Oguchi-cho Adopt Program”.
In this program we take very good care of a certain street of Oguchi-cho,
where our Komaki branch is located, as if we had adopted that street.
We also take part in the program called “Seto Marutto Gomi-Zero Program”.
Every week all members of the head office clean up the streets around the office in Seto.

 アダプト01.jpg  アダプト02.jpg

フィリピンへ.jpgWe accept customers’ household goods and belongings which are no longer needed in Japan.
We export those goods to the Philippines for reuse while other movers just dispose them as wastes.

We reduce the quantity of wastes and try to protect the environment by making full use of those goods around us.
ohashifarm.jpgWe have a small farm named “Ohashi Farm” in the premise of the head office.
Volunteers grow vegetables without using any pesticides.
We raise our awareness of “Local production for local consumption”
and “In-season consumption” by harvesting and enjoying the fresh vegetables.
オオサンショウウオ2015.06.28.jpgSeto city, where our head office is located, is a habitat of Japanese giant
salamander which is designated as a special natural treasure of Japan.
To protect the national treasure and to preserve the beautiful Satoyama,
the village-vicinity mountain, for the children of the future, we diligently
clean the river where the salamanders live and maintain the artificial
nesting hole.
P1020218 (640x539).jpgWe collect pet bottle caps to give the disabled of the local community the opportunity to work, and to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. With the profit of the sales of the caps, we buy the working gloves made in the local welfare facility for the disabled, then we donate the gloves to the local environmental organizations.
Many local elementary schools and junior high schools collect pet bottle caps, but they don’t have any ways to deliver them to the charity institutions. We go to their places by truck to collect the caps for free.
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